844 Shielded Room(854)

Anechoic Chamber Professional Maker

RF Anechoic Chamber (RF/EMC Chamber)

10m Semi Anechoic Chamber 

5m Semi Anechoic Chamber 

3m Semi Anechoic Chamber (966)

844 Shielded Room for RS Chamber

Pre-test 743 Semi Anechoic Chamber

Fully Anechoic Chamber

Open Area Test Site

Customized Anechoic Chamber

Shielding Room is reduces the external
electromagnetic wave singals and can
shielding over 100dB.
Kai Tuo using Pan-Type modules can
easyily Relocation/Expansion/Dismantling.
We also provide customized Shielded room
and Interface/Waveguide/Air Vent/
Filter/Ferrite Tile/Absorber